On Thursday, May 9th at the McCormick Library, local author Marion Sturkey will talk about his new book Bald Eagle of Edgefield. This biography focuses on the extraordinary life and times of Martin Gary from rural Edgefield, South Carolina.  Gary commanded all Confederate cavalry forces north of Richmond during the Civil War and later served in the S.C. Senate where he was a vocal opponent of Reconstruction. Profane and controversial, his electrifying oratory led people to either love or hate him in extreme degrees.

The free library presentation begins at 6:30 pm. A book signing and light refreshments will follow.


About the author:

Marion Sturkey served as a combat-assault helicopter pilot during the war in Vietnam. Thereafter he became a commercial pilot for the oil and gas industry. Later he worked as a manager at AT&T for 25 years. Marion now lives in Plum Branch, his original hometown. Bald Eagle of Edgefield is his 16th book.