For access to eBooks and downloadable audiobooks:


1. Download the free OverDrive app to your device: OverDrive app

2. Visit the McCormick Library’s digital collection: The Jasmine Digital Library  

3. Sign in with your library card.

4. Browse and search for eBooks and audiobooks.

5. When you find a book you want to read, click on the title and select ‘Borrow’.

6. Start reading immediately by clicking the ‘Read’ button or visit your ‘Bookshelf’ to download !

If you need help, call or visit the library or click here: Help



Also Available: TumbleBook Library

The TumbleBook Library is a collection of free interactive animated talking storybooks for children. Some books feature “Word Help” to assist children in sounding out words, and there are also book-related puzzles and games to play. Stories are available in several languages.