The Friends of the Library has moved its used bookstore to Our Place on Main. The bookstore was formerly housed in the Depot on Main Street. The new bookstore occupies the right side of Our Place on Main and gives the Friends additional space for books, plus a small, comfortable reading area. Volunteers have painted and organized the space, installed shelves and moved the 10,000 or so books that fill the shelves. The exterior will soon be improved with a fresh coat of paint.

Books remain priced at 1$ for hardbacks and 50 cents for paperbacks, with a small selection of individually priced books. 

The hours of operation are 10am until 4pm, Monday through Saturday. 

The new phone number is 864-852-3631.


Donations of books are welcome; however, all donations are to be delivered to the McCormick Library. Friends of the Library is a non-profit organization, and donations of books are tax deductible.