If you had to name an inventor, would it be a woman? Or did you first think of a man like Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell? Women haven’t always had equal opportunities to be inventors, or received as much recognition. But throughout American history, women with diverse backgrounds and interests created inventions that change our lives every day.

Your local McCormick Youth Partners present the Smithsonian Picturing Women Inventors Family Exhibition Night. Please join us on Friday, July 30th at the Red Rooster Emporium (2nd Floor Art Gallery – 118 S Main St. McCormick SC 29835) to view this exhibition. The Family Exhibition Night will be open from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. (Please continue to use safe COVID-19 practices while attending this event)

Every young person who attends will receive a new book (their choice) from a selection of books about women inventors and inventing. Compliments of the McCormick County Library. Hope to see you there!