Over the course of three thousand years no less than five world religions were born that are still a source of faith and practice to billions of people around the world.  Why?  Over the last hundred years scientists have probed deep into the nature of material existence itself, uncovering a wild and whacky quantum universe unimagined until our day.  What they discovered has caused even the most secular of them to ask the question, “Why?”

The great questions of humanity have been the same for as long as there have been humans around to ask them:  “Who are we?”…”Why are we here?”…”What is our purpose?”… “Is there more?”  On Saturday, June 6th at the McCormick County Library, Jim Willis will lead a three-hour workshop that will probe the history of our ancestor’s search for answers.  Drawing from the fields of comparative religion, archeology, philosophy, literature and science, Willis, a retired minister, author and college professor, will share results gleaned from a lifetime of study and practical experience. In his gentle, fun, ecumenical, and friendly style, Jim will offer suggestions and guidelines to help participants continue their own lifetime of study.

The workshop is entitled: From Religion to Reality: The search for meaning in the world of religion. It will begin at 1 pm. The workshop is free, but please register by calling Jim Willis at 864-443-5989.