The McCormick County Library will hold its first ever Trivia Night on Thursday, January 23rd at 6:30 pm. Please contact the library to sign-up your team. Play will be limited to seven teams with up to 4 players per team. Teams will face four rounds of 10 questions each. Round one will be Local and South Carolina History. Round two will be Sports. Rounds three and four will be a hodgepodge including a few audio/visual questions. Light refreshments will be provided by the Friends of the McCormick Library. In addition to door prizes and a prize for funniest wrong answer, a cash prize of up to $80 will be awarded to the top team. All other proceeds will benefit the McCormick County Library. Registration is $5 per player and will be due that evening. Please join us for a fun and friendly battle of brains. Contact the library to sign-up at 852-2821 or

Trivia Night Questions:

So, after reading above, you may be wondering: should I sign up for trivia night, or will the questions be too hard? (or too boring?) Rest easy dear reader because printed below are a few sample questions that give you an idea of what to expect.  


1. How old was Strom Thurmond when he left the United States Senate in 2003? He is the only senator to reach this age while still in office.


2. Who played football for the University of Michigan and became a U.S. President?


3.The Miss America title has been awarded since 1921. What color hair have the majority of winners had?     


4.What is that thing at the back of your throat called?