Local author Luman Slade will be at the McCormick County Library on Thursday, December 8th to present: “Character Development in Storytelling” and to discuss his new book: Swamp Things. Mr. Slade will instruct on how to write for children and how to develop engaging fictional characters. Aspiring writers, both young and old, are encouraged to attend this free program. Copies of Slade’s books will be available for sale and signing. The presentation starts at 6:30 pm and will be followed by a question and answer session and refreshments.

About Swamp Things:

Mr. Slade’s fans will remember that the first book in the series was:  Determined :the True Story of Big Blue Walkinghood. Then came:  Wrath of the Wicked. And now comes:  Swamp Things. Mr. Slade doesn’t want to spoil the story for those who haven’t yet read Swamp Things, but here is a  sneak preview. Remember that map on the first pages of the first two books? Right in the center of that map you will remember a place named “Great Black Swamp”. That place was never mentioned in the first two books, was it? No! That’s because that was a place that the residents  of the village of Pigeonpoop didn’t know about, and rarely went to—and for good reason. It was a swamp of the worst kind: filled with pits of quicksand, snakes, bears, and creatures so awful people didn’t even want to think about—at least that’s what everybody said. It was a place where only a few people ventured, and even fewer returned. It was definitely not a place for children. And yet, even with all its gory history, Great Black Swamp is the setting for this, the final story, in the “Big Blue” series. Mr. Slade’s books are available locally at these fine distributors: The Mac, Strom’s Drugstore, Hickory Knob State Park, Oconee State Park, and Calhoun Falls State Park.