When you stop by the McCormick County Library to drop off your books or movies, pause in front of the Library and enjoy the Water Wise Garden, the beautiful flowering crepe myrtles, and the shrubs and trees that surround the building and new playground. The McCormick Garden Club is pleased to announce the McCormick County Library is the recipient of the August Garden of the Month.  The “new” Library was built in 2004 and in 2007 the McCormick Garden Club initially constructed the water wise garden around the flagpole at the Library entrance as part of a civic project.  It and the general landscaping have evolved to be a beautiful public space.  It is carefully maintained by the McCormick County Public Works Department.  The new park area (open to all from dawn to dusk) to the side of the library features a playground, four picnic tables under a shelter, and even a kiosk for free books to be used and returned.  The Library is located next to the Post Office at 201 Railroad Ave.  It is a true local treasure.  Pictured above are Paul Brown, the Library Director and Carol Mavity, McCormick Garden Club member in charge of the Water Wise Project.