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Library programs have priority for use of meeting spaces and are not subject to this policy.

The McCormick County Library makes its meeting room available to groups or organizations for informational, civic, educational, cultural, or community welfare activities.

 To qualify for use of the meeting room, users may not use the room for the following purposes: religious worship, celebratory services, personal social activities or fundraising events with the exception of fundraising events held to benefit the library.  

Users  may charge for tuition or materials used in educational programs or allow membership fees to be collected. The sale of books or other items by authors or artists is allowed when it occurs as part of a library or Friends of the Library program. Money may not be collected for any other purpose. Users may neither sell or exchange goods or services nor promote sales by samples, pictures, or descriptions.

The meeting room may not be reserved for individual use. However, individuals may use the meeting room when it is not occupied on a first come first served basis. Individual users will be allowed to continue use in 2 hour increments if no one is waiting and no reservation becomes active. 

Granting permission to use the meeting room does not constitute an endorsement of the group or organization by the McCormick County Library or its Board of Trustees.

Non-library groups may neither claim endorsement by the library nor imply that the library is sponsoring their meeting.  Any publicity should provide a non-library address and/or telephone number for more information.  Publicity may not include a library phone number.

Priority for meeting room reservations is given to the library, Friends of the Library and programs co-sponsored by the Library.  All other reservations for the meeting room will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. The library reserves the right to overide a reservation in order to reserve the meeting room for a library event.

The meeting room is normally available only during library hours. Use of the meeting room during non-library hours is restricted to the library, Friends of the Library, McCormick County government and programs co-sponsored by the library. Meetings may not have a start time earlier than the opening time of the library although meeting setup can begin up to 30 minutes before the library opens. All meetings must end  10 minutes before the library closes.

Meetings, programs and exhibits must be open to the public. Because the library is a public facility, privacy cannot be guaranteed except for lawful executive sessions of governmental bodies.

Meeting room reservations can only be made by filling out a paper application at the library. Reservations cannot be made over the phone. A reservation is not complete until the application form is signed and the library director has approved the request.

The person signing a meeting room application form must have a library card in good standing and be 18 years of age or older at the time the application is submitted.

The person signing a meeting room application form is responsible to the McCormick County Library for the use and care of the meeting room. He or she will be charged for any damage to library property and equipment in connection with the meeting. He or she is responsible for enforcing the meeting room and behavior policies of the library.

The meeting room may not be reserved more than once a month by any one group. Groups that wish to meet more than once in a given month may be permitted on a case by case basis at the discretion of the library director.  

Reservations can be made no more than one year in advance. The library should be notified of any cancelations as far in advance as possible. Failure to provide notice of cancellation on two occasions may result in loss of meeting room use. After 30 minutes, a reservation is forfeited if a group fails to appear as scheduled.

Reservation periods should include sufficient time for users to set up the room and return it to its original arrangement at the conclusion of the meeting.

The library reserves the right to monitor any meeting. Misconduct by participants or misrepresentation on the application may result in rejection of a groups future use. In the event of policy violations, the library staff may immediately end a meeting and clear the meeting space.

The library reserves the right to refuse or cancel any reservations, if, in the judgment of the library director, it is in the best interest of the library.

The library does not provide set-up or take-down of furniture or equipment. Users may rearrange furniture and equipment within the meeting room as needed: but exits may not be blocked.  Furniture may not be moved from one room to another or from the library.

At the end of a meeting, users are responsible for returning the room to its original condition.  All meeting materials must be removed or placed in approved trash containers.  If the room is not left in a clean and orderly condition, charges for janitorial services will be made to the individual who signed the Meeting Room Application.

No materials or equipment may be stored in the meeting room for any length of time.  The library assumes no responsibility for items left in the meeting room.

Light refreshments and meals may be served. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.  Food and beverages may not be taken from the meeting room to any other part of the library.  Since staff and meeting room users share the same kitchen, it is not possible for the library to grant users exclusive access to the kitchen during a meeting. Cooking is not allowed in the kitchen. When kitchen facilities are used they must be properly cleaned. If the kitchen is not left in a clean and orderly condition, charges for janitorial services will be made to the individual who signed the Meeting Room Application.

When a group that includes individuals under the age of 18 uses the meeting room, a responsible adult must be present for the entire meeting.  At least one adult must be present for every 15 persons younger that 18.

Meetings must be confined to the meeting room itself.

Groups should not exceed the posted seating capacity.

Meetings are subject to all applicable federal, state, and municipal laws and regulations.

Meeting attendees must conform to the library’s Code of Conduct Policy.

No candles or other incendiary materials may be used.

Smoking is not allowed in the meeting room.

The library allows the use of its facilities with the understanding that the library accepts no responsibility for the personal safety of any person, either inside or outside the building, during the use.  The library is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of personal property.

Violations of this policy may result in loss of meeting room privileges.

The library reserves the right to move an activity or program to another suitable location within the library.

The library also makes available for group use a small conference room, the Bobby F. Edmonds South Carolina and Local History Room. The use of this room is also governed by this policy with the following exceptions:

  • Privacy and uninterruption cannot be guaranteed or expected because library staff must have access at all times to the materials in the conference room.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the conference room.

An individual, group, or organization may appeal the denial of a meeting space use through the following process:

  • Submit a written appeal to the library director within ten days of notification of the denial. The director will respond in writing within ten days.
  • An appeal of the director’s decision may be submitted in writing within ten days of notification of the decision to the Chair of the Library Board. The appeal will be considered at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. The decision of the Library Board is final.

 Adopted by the McCormick County Library Board 8-18-2004.

Updated 1-28-2009.

Updated 1-27-2010.